Our Technology Partners 

Fashion Pass

Great service! Really helped my company FashionPass to increase our marketing ROI. They build me an incredible GA dashboard and I have a full, clear picture on exactly where my traffic is coming from, but specifically how it relates to my company goals.

Break My Fifth Law Fitness

I have been working with Gretrix for almost a year. It has honestly been one of the best decisions I have made. I’m a fitness trainer and the founder of Breakmy5thlaw Fitness. The Gretrix team is always at the top of their job. They are effective and efficient and always willing to go the extra mile. My business has become less stressful and I have made an unbelievable increase in my clientele due to the advice I was given by this team. I would highly recommend them.


(We will guide you every step of the way)

Ask the right questions

Collecting the right data starts with asking the right questions. Before we can even begin collecting data and analytics we need to get to know you and your website. We’ll ask you a series of questions that will help us better understand your goals and expectations.

Collect the right data the right way

Websites display a lot of information, so finding the right data may require a specific approach. To get your website performing at its peak potential we have to use different tools and techniques to collect data for accurate analysis.

Tell a story with the data

The data your website displays is more than just numbers and graphs, it tells a story! We will show you where your website is performing well and where it might need some attention. From here we can begin to custom tailor an optimization plan to implement and start boosting your website’s performance.

Optimize your entire business

After establishing a strategic plan it’s time to execute! Your website’s performance will be running at its maximum performance potential, streamlining the rest of your
business’s operations.