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CRS Credit is a national, full-service credit
reporting agency certified as a re-seller
for Experian®, TransUnion®, and Equifax®.
They offer a suite of automated APIs for the customer lending industry.


CRS Credit is a growing company that provides credit reporting solutions for tenant screening, consumer lending, the automotive industry, etc. They were looking to consolidate multiple channels into one platform. CRS Credit’s website was an ineffective route for a client to use, and they couldn’t scale because their data was across multiple platforms, so it could not be managed or analyzed. They needed processes to simplify, offload, or otherwise reduce the processing demand of massive amounts of data for extreme usability and efficacy.


CRS Credit needed the development and execution of programs and automation to integrate data from multiple funnels. In addition, they needed a customized dashboard to monitor the effectiveness of their ad campaigns and web forms, with the ability to implement real-time changes to their marketing strategy to optimize their sales funnels and increase sales.


Their main goal was to make the conversion experience easy for the consumer while providing CRS Credit actionable data for that conversion. We needed to implement and customize a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform via Zoho for leads generated from multiple funnels within the marketing campaign. We created and integrated web forms and platforms for CRM integration to increase and track conversions and make their web design user-friendly.


  • Track Leads
  • Create Customized Dashboard
  • Create New Optimized Funnels
  • Update Web Design Based on Customer Usability
  • Connect all processes to Zoho, a CRM solution


This was fundamentally a web development project intended to bring new leads into Zoho using the user information received from various sources. They needed automated data analytics to segregate the leads based on origin, probability, demographics, etc.


  • Track leads
  • Create a customized dashboard
  • Create new optimized funnels
  • Update web design based on customer usability
  • Connect all processes to Zoho, a CRM solution


  • Created centralized dashboard for CRM
  • Automated emails based on lead origin
  • Created heatmaps
  • Chatbot using Zendesk
  • Website-specific pop-ups
  • Provided automation to track leads by channel
  • Added multiple funnels, including web forms, Calendly, and phone conversion options
  • Connected these marketing funnels to CRM
  • Cleaned up the websites design


In 6 months, after connecting sales funnels to Zoho, dashboard creation and implementation, and website redesign:


  • CRS Credit has seen a 30% increase in daily page view since
  • Google Ad costs have decreased 43.8%
  • Average Domain lookup time has decreased 67%
  • Average server connection has decreased 53.3%
  • Server response time has decreased 25%


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