My name is Billy Kaufman. I’m a self-taught programmer, and I was lucky to start my career at Gretrix. 

Before working with Gretrix, I was doing my best to build experience in IT, but my lack of experience was blocking my ability to get consistent work. I didn’t have 3 to 5 years of professional experience or a Computer Science degree, so I already knew that I was at a critical disadvantage in the competitive job market. I applied to dozens of jobs and I was confident in my abilities, but no one wanted to give me a chance. 

Gretrix was the exception. They could tell that I was inexperienced, but could feel that I was passionate about my work and driven to succeed. My efforts at Gretrix were recognized by the executive team, and they helped me build my career in the direction that I wanted. 

I would absolutely recommend Gretrix for anyone interested working in tech. This company is growing FAST and you will be appreciated! 

– Billy Kaufman
Started as: Front-End Dev Intern, Now: Lead Analytics & Web Developer

Our ideal intern is interested in learning how to program like a professional and has a heart for entrepreneurship. No prior experience or knowledge required. A hunger to learn and succeed IS required. VERY well paid internship with long-term career opportunities, with career & life coaching. We will help you get a job with another company if that’s your wish.


Software Development
Business Development


Business & Leadership Training
Lean Software Development
Life & Career Training


High Hourly Pay
Flexible Remote Schedule
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