Linda : CEO

As a mom of two energetic boys, Linda understands what it means to bring a healthy balance to a juggling act. Her project management background will ensure all her clients get their projects done right and on time. Prioritizing quality over everything is Linda’s first priority because she understands that a website means everything to a company’s success in today’s modern business environment.

Jim : UX Designer

Jim is a graphic designer with over 20 years experience in both print and web design. His work with a variety of businesses such as Harley-Davidson, Habitat for Humanity, and AGCO Corp has given him a well rounded set of skills and experiences. This allows him to be agile when it comes to getting into a mindset of what your customer will relate well to when visiting your website. His use of color, typography and imagery will help set the tone for what you, as the client, wishes to convey to your audience. Never forgetting that style and form play a large part but must never be at the sacrifice of functionality.

Nick : Developer

As a highly resourceful and intelligent full-stack developer Nick has what it takes to lead a team! He tackles complex problems to make clients’ dreams come true.

Bob : VP of Sales

Bob is always thinking outside the box; he actually thinks there is no box. He is #1 for wearing hats on LinkedIn. Being single with no kids his cat Sheba runs his life. He has fun networking as the host of the 808 Podcast which is 8:08 minutes because 808 looks like BOB.


‘TC’ can stand for ‘Totally Crazy.’  Her business ideas are as unique and unconventional as she is. ‘TC’ is known to be direct and not to pussy-foot around an issue. People tell her, “When I need a good reality check, you tell it like it is.” She has a track record of turning challenges into successes – whether it’s launching a successful business the day after 9/11 or staying married to her IT guy for over 30 years.